How to find and replace string in a column?

Suppose there is a product table below  has p_id,p_name and p_image column and i want replace .png extention by .jpg in p_image column. p_id p_name p_image 1 product1 product1.jpg 2 product2 product2.png 3 product3 product3.jpg 3 product4 product4.png Query: update product set p_image = REPLACE(p_image,’.png’,’.jpg’)...
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How to concat strings in a column?

To concat Mr. string in each row of a column lets consider a below table employee has column e_id,e_name,e_salary I want to add Mr. prefix in each row of e_name column. e_id e_name e_salary 1 A 20000 2 B 25000 3 C 30000 Query: update...
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Difference between method overloading and overriding in Java

The difference between method overloading and overriding in java is one of the most commonly asked interview question.Most of the people gets confused while answering to this question.Here is the list of differences 1.For overloading method signature must be different, but overriding must have same...
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Difference between include() and forward() methods

The include() and forward() are the only two methods of the javax.servlet.RequestDispatcher interface.Both methods used to dispatch the reqest from a client to the server but the scenarios we need them are different. Similarities between include() and forward() methods: 1. Both are methods of RequestDispatcher...
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Android software Installation process

There are two ways we can install android by using SDK with eclipse and Android Studio Before installation of any process. you need to install the java on your system and path setting. 1.Install the java from below link in your system. 2.Setting path...
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